Dorothy Spaulding

Meet Dorothy Spaulding, President and Founder of Watchmen Broadcasting. She has 43 years of television experience, starting with 15 years at ABC as a producer/host. She also has 9 years experience on both the local and national level in producing /hosting programming and assisting in the growth of several television ministries. Currently, Mrs. Spaulding is celebrating 19 years as Executive Producer, host here at Watchmen Broadcasting. Her hearts cry was "Father give me a Television Station to reach the World with your love." For eight years, she and her husband, Russell, walked around America carrying a wooden cross and preaching as they went.

Also, you will see her walking the halls of Congress and the Senate, lobbying for television matters along with Christian-Judea values. She is highly connected in the World of Christian Television and brings great strength to Watchmen Broadcasting. Dorothy is also an ordained minister.

Many know Dorothy because of her painting of the famous picture "The Bride," a picture of the 'Rapture of the Church.' As a noted Christian leader, she was Honoree Doctorate of Divinity. She has also authored a book Walk by Faith. In her past, she wrote a weekly column for 15 years for several of the New York Times papers.

As a business owner, for 18 years, she has learned the art of the business. Her love for missions began as a young girl, always desiring to be a missionary nurse. Becoming a surgical nurse, she was able to go to Haiti and assist the doctors. In later years, she went to Cuba, India, Indonesia and Singapore.

Today, she is heavily involved with Israel because of her love for the people of Israel. She reaches out to help the Mayors tell their stories. Also she works to raise funds for the blood banks, hospitals, and the children of Israel. Dorothy is passionate about telling the truth of what is happening in Israel. God has opened huge doors for her in her work with Israel's leaders, from the Prime Minister's office to the person on the street.

Dorothy's greatest asset is that she loves people. She walks in the gift of mercy, and has three children and eleven grandchildren.

Russell Spaulding

Talk about a soul winner that is Russell! He, with Dorothy walked carrying a 10' x 4' wooden cross all around America. He loves the one on one evangelism. Russell is an Ordained Minister who loves ministry more than anything else. Helping others has always been first in his life.

Russell has many talents. He is a great set builder. Dorothy and he would draw up set plans and he would build it. There isn't anything he cannot do well.

Russell also is co-host of Club 36 nightly. Since its beginning, Russell has always been able to bring a combination of spiritual insight and comedy to the programs. With his off the cuff interviewing style and personality, he makes the program very entertaining.

Russell has also built many sets for other Christian Television Stations. Always willing to give a helping hand.

Russell ministers in prisons, churches and other men's meetings.

Russell also has a heart for missions. He has ministered in the Philippines, Africa and Barbados.

Together he and Dorothy make a great team.

Tamara James

Tamara is not only the daughter of Dorothy Spaulding, but is also a producer/host of Watchmen Broadcasting. She has a heart for the youth and has been host of the hit program Roc House Cafe'. As an Ordained Minister, her focus is on Youth Ministry. She has a burning passion to make a difference in the youth of this generation. When she ministers, lives are changed.

Her past experience as a Special Events Coordinator brings great value to Watchman Broadcasting for our special events. For years she also had her own Christmas Decorating Business, decorating for the University of Florida, the Olympic Party and other huge events.

At the height of her success story, she called her mother and said, "God told me ?to lay it down and help my mother, if I did, He would bless me." This would be a huge decision because she was running large crews of people and make a lot of money. The bill for just one of her events was $150,000. Working for her mother, she would start at just above minimum wage.

God did bless her with a great husband, who also serves in the ministry and two children. This was her heart's desire.
Tamara is also the Vice President of Watchmen Broadcasting. God has gifted Tamara in many ways. She has great discernment and can make good decisions. Because of her mother's mercy gifts, her discernment is so important. She oversees so many areas at Watchmen Broadcasting. One of Tamara?s Ministry gifts is reaching down and loving those who are hurting or in need. She walks in the compassion of Christ. Tamara is a great blessing to Watchmen Broadcasting. Tamara also has a heart for missions and has served in Mexico, Cuba, India and Indonesia.

She and her husband, Chris, have two children that are being raised in Christian Television.

Chris James

Chris went to Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied the art of movie making. He animated the Jetsons for Century 21, worked with EXPN and for a company who did work for Budweiser, Frito-Lay and MSNBC.

In 2002, he rededicated his life to Jesus, after a life changing mission trip to Mexico where he filmed a documentary and helped build houses. He then felt the call of God to use his talents and abilities for the Kingdom of God. In February of 2003, Chris left his professional career to join the full time staff of Watchmen Broadcasting.

Chris hosts his own Prayer Program, Co-hosts on Club 36 and is the Director of Dorothy's "By the Book" program and Tamara's Program "Roc House Cafe," all of which have won Telly, Davy and Angel Awards.

He is our Chief Engineer here at Watchmen Broadcasting. Chris also helps many ministries design their TV studios.

Chris is an Ordained Minister. Missions are in Chris' heart as strong as they are in the rest of the leadership. He has gone to Africa and Mexico numbers of times. He has ministered in Cuba, Australia, Nigeria and Ghana. He was able with the help of our viewers to take water purifiers to Africa. What a Blessing!.
Chris, along with Dorothy, has also lobbied the Congress and Senate.

Chris is a member of Georgia Broadcaster Association and sits on the Television Board of the National Religious Broadcasters.

Chris is married to Tamara James and they have two children.

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