Habakkuk 2:2 - "Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it."

Phase 1 Studio Building

Vision_4 | Watchmen Broadcasting

In January, we were given a large anonymous gift of $604,437.04 to buy our building that we have presently been in for almost 19 years. The owner of our building went up to $1,500,000, so we were forced to look elsewhere. We prayed and asked God if we were to buy the Food Lion next door. He said , "Yes." We offered the owner of the Food Lion, a ridiculous price of $400,000.00, in spite of the fact that he was asking $1,200,000.00, he accepted our offer and said "I always wanted you to have this building." All praises go to our Awesome and Faithful God!!

We have recently put a new roof on our building. This along with a cleanup inside has exhausted our money. Thank God for all the volunteers who have helped us.

Phase 2 Rebuilding

Vision_2 | Watchmen Broadcasting

In this phase we plan to rebuild the new building to fit our needs. This building will be 33,000 square feet.

Phase 3 Upgrade Our Equipment

Vision_3 | Watchmen Broadcasting

In phase 3, we will upgrade our equipment so we can bring our viewers the finest of Christian Television. We also will be able to do productions and commercials for outside clients.

Phase 4 School of Broadcasting

In this phase, we plan to buy the building we are currently in. This building will be used for our School of Broadcasting. We believe there is a huge need to teach broadcasting students how to be excellent in broadcasting skills. The students also need to walk in integrity in everything they do. We have been teaching students at NO COST for almost 19 years.

Phase 5 Missions Building

This part of the vision concern reaching the needs of our community. We also like to be First Responders to National Disasters. The vision is big... Therefore, your help for all these phases is very much needed. You can volunteer your time and skills, and become a supporter of these projects. Together, we can reach the world.

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