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Volunteers are welcome at Watchmen Broadcasting ministry.

Newsletters: Monthly and by monthly we send through mail to our partners. Our Newsletter team has a lot of fun sharing stories and testimonies of God's goodness. While serving the Kingdom in a mighty way.

Phones: Dorothy's life was changed when she called the program phones at PTL. The prayer phone ministry is so important. People are hurting and they are in need of someone to be there for them. Will you be that someone?

Production volunteers: Have you ever wanted to know how television works? Now you can see what goes on behind the scenes when you volunteer as a camera operator. We will teach you how to run a camera, and be a floor director.

Janitors: This is a large building to keep clean. We need people who are willing to help us keep it clean. Help us keep the building looking great for our guests and those who come to visit and tour the studios.

New Building

We are in need of many volunteers for all areas:

Clean up
Dry wall workers
Sprinkler system workers
Air conditioner workers

We need everyone who can spare some time to help us.

We have special functions for our volunteers! Join the team today!

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